Thanks for checking in with us this weekend. Here are the most clicked on items on Abnormal Returns for the week ended Saturday, September 27th, 2014. The description is as it reads in the relevant linkfest:

  1. The stock market is overvalued and overowned.  (Humble Student)
  2. On the death of the credit card.  (Daniel Nadler)
  3. Farewell TED.  (The Epicurean Dealmaker)
  4. What would a replay of 1987 look like?  (A Wealth of Common Sense)
  5. American households have loaded up stocks.  (Dana Lyons)
  6. Don’t kid yourself, financial markets are driven by supply and demand.  (Philosophical Economics)
  7. Three lessons from a career near-miss.  (A Wealth of Common Sense)
  8. Chances are you don’t understand hedge fund strategies.  (Bucks Blog)
  9. It’s a great time to be an asset allocator.   (Pragmatic Capitalism)
  10. Why averaging down doesn’t make sense.  (A Wealth of Common Sense)

Here is what else you may have missed on the site this week:

  1. Podcast Friday features a talk with Cliff Asness and John Bogle .  (Abnormal Returns)

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