Every week brings a slew of new podcasts and videos. You can also check out last week’s links. Tell us if there is anything we missed. Enjoy!

Can VCs disrupt academia?  (a16z podcast)

Barry Ritholtz talks with Jack Schwager author of the Market Wizards series of books.  (Big Picture)

Jason Zweig talks with Robert Shiller about valuations and market history.  (MoneyBeat)

Leigh Drogen talks with Eric Jackson about Yahoo ($YHOO) and Alibaba ($BABA) .  (Estimize Podcast)

More on how to win the loser’s game from Sensible Investing.  (part 7)

James Altucher talks with Nassim Taleb author of The Black Swan.  (The James Altucher Show)

Howard Lindzon talks daily fantasy sports with Jordan Mendell of DraftKings.  (Soundcloud)

People have very strong feelings about bagels.  (The Sporkful)

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