Quote of the day

Vitalily Katsenelson, “Tops and bottoms are only obvious in the rearview mirror. You may feel you can time the market, but I honestly don’t know anyone who has done it more than once and turned it into a process.”  (Institutional Investor)


Small caps are still not cheap.  (Morgan Housel)

European stock markets are getting oversold.  (Short Side of Long)

Putting gold’s performance into perspective.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

News often becomes significant only after the market has already declined.  (A Dash of Insight)


Avoid high beta stocks, period.  (Alpha Architect)

How should investors think about cash.  (Vanguard blog)

On the challenge of forecasting your emotions.  (A Wealth of Common Sense)

How goals provide you feedback.  (TraderFeed)


Why Blackstone Group ($BX) is spinning off its advisory business.  (The Epicurean Dealmaker also Dan Primack)

Enterprise companies are not immune from the pressure to do spinoffs.  (TechCrunch)

Big oil is trying to restructure their strategies amidst a wave of headwinds.  (Economist)


Consumers are the big winners from the rise of robo-advisors.  (SoHo via Enterprising Investor)

Investment incumbents are increasingly at risk of disruption.  (Malice for All)


Fidelity Investments is getting into the actively managed bond ETF game.  (Morningstar, Barron’s)

Why an ETF’s name matters.  (ETF)


The US looks pretty good when you look at the state of investment around the world.  (Philosophical Economics)

Europe is the likely next global banana peel.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)


A look back at the economic week that was.  (Big Picture, Bonddad Blog)

The economic schedule for the coming week.  (Calculated Risk)

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Mixed media

Cord shaving‘ is an ongoing trend.  (WSJ)

Amazon ($AMZN) is not a monopoly.  (The Atlantic)

More fuel efficient cars are putting a dent in trend gasoline consumption.  (Wonkblog)

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