Quote of the day

Herb Greenberg, “I have no idea why companies give short-term guidance, let alone long-term guidance — let alone five-year forward guidance.”  (TheStreet)


Why we can have wildly different sentiment measures.  (Humble Student)

Why the low volatility anomaly should persist.  (Monevator)

Why most finance-related research conclusions are false.  (NBER)


Apple ($AAPL) is increasingly becoming the iPhone company.  (WSJ, Quartz, Mashable, Business Insider)

iPhone vs. Mac: how you think about the iPad business depends on perspective.  (Daring Fireball)

How did Apple pull off Apple Pay?  (Quartz, NYTimes, Yahoo Finance, Total Return)


What Coca-Cola ($KO), McDonald’s ($MCD) and IBM have in common.  (The Reformed Broker)

Has IBM ($IBM) been spending its money on the wrong stuff?  (Dealbook)

Pressure continues to rise for Yahoo ($YHOO).  (Recode)

The case for JetBlue ($JBLU).  (James Altucher)


Peer-to-peer lending is rapidly getting institutionalized.  (WSJ)

Why regulating high frequency trading is so difficult.  (Dealbook)

Just how profitable is insider trading?  (Fortune)


Smart beta‘ is more expensive than you think.  (Alpha Architect)

Junk bond ETFs are increasingly becoming THE market for junk bonds.  (FT)

Private equity firms are increasingly relying on individual investors for capital.  (Dealbook)


There is no hard landing (yet) for China.  (Sober Look, Fortune, FT)

Earlier on Abnormal Returns

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Mixed media

How to be a better, more active, listener.  (FT)

The internet TV revolution is about what you think it is.  (Quartz)

Why is money pouring into real estate in one of the cities, Miami, most at-risk of climate change?  (Businessweek)

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