Friday is podcast day here at Abnormal Returns. You can check out last week’s links including a discussion with Jason Calcanis.

A look at the new NPR podcast Invisibilia which is about “the invisible forces that control human behavior.”  (Vox)

A discussion with Nicholas Carlson about his new book Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo!. (Longform)

A Michael Gayed presentation on generating alpha. (Pension Partners)

A discussion with Walter Isaacson author of The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution. (Wired)

Alex Blumberg works to better understand his audience. (Startup Podcast)

James Altucher talks with Dick Yuengling, president of America’s oldest brewery.  (James Altucher Show)

Inside the somewhat murky underworld of the domain business. (Reply All)

Michael Covel talks with Bryan Caplan author of Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids: Why Being a Great Parent is Less Work and More Fun Than You Think.  (Trendfollowing Radio)

Why doesn’t everyone get the flu vaccine? (Freakonomics)

Marc Maron talks with Paul Thomas Anderson director of Inherent Vice. (WTF)