Well-said. Eddy Elfenbein at Crossing Wall Street celebrates his tenth blogiversary today.* Not many investment-related bloggers can say they have been around ten years let alone having done it with wit and grace. Eddy was one of the first to notice this blog and I count him in the same cohort as Joe Weisenthal of the erstwhile The Stalwart blog and Roger Nusbaum at Random Roger.

You can hear directly from Eddy in this recent Must Follow podcast with Sean McLaughlin. It is a must-listen and provides you with much of what you need to know about how Eddy goes about blogging. Eddy’s public stock picking track record is admirable all the more so given the constraints he puts on himself. Even if you aren’t a long-term stock investor, like Eddy, you can still find much of value at Eddy’s blog.

If I had to hazard a guess I would guess that Eddy has received dozens of offers to merge, sell or otherwise mess up his blog over the past ten years. However he has remained consistent in his blogging ethos and his stock selection methodology. Either would merit noting, but ten years is worth celebrating.

*Another great way to keep up with Eddy’s work is via his weekly e-mail newsletter. You can subscribe to it for $0 down and $0 a month.