Morgan Housel at the Motley Fool has a fun post up in which he asked a bunch of blogger types to elucidate their investment philosophies in ten words or less. This builds on a tradition that Jason Zweig at WSJ started a couple of years ago. Before you click through to read these philosophies take a moment and stop.

What is your investment philosophy? Can you boil it down to 10 words or less. This is no easy task. It requires you boil down your thinking to the core principles. If you thought limiting your thoughts to 140 characters was tough, this is an even bigger challenge when it comes to editing. Here is a good example of the genre:

Barry Ritholtz, Bloomberg: “Keep it simple, do less, and manage your stupidity.”

I was remiss in getting back to Morgan in time for publication but here goes (with tongue in cheek):

Diversification is the worst possible strategy, except for all others.*

*With apologies to Winston Churchill.