Right now the team at Stocktwits is experiencing the fastest growth in our history. – Howard Lindzon

Good ideas don’t always take hold immediately. That seems to be the case with StockTwits. StockTwits is in some ways a simple idea, but not an easy one. Since its launch much has changed in technology and financial markets. I have previously said:

If StockTwits didn’t exist, some one would have to invent it.

Howard Lindzon has a post up today talking about some recent changes to the StockTwits product. Go read to see what all is going on. The chart below show how important mobile is becoming to StockTwits traffic. I would suspect that mobile would continue to grow as a percentage of traffic.


Source: Quantcast

So congratulations to Howard, Justin and the rest of the StockTwits team. I have been associated in some form or fashion with StockTwits since its infancy. (I am an investor as well.) I cannot tell you how many times some one has pitched me on a service or app that has tried to ape what StockTwits was already doing. None that I know of are still out there thriving.

StockTwits launched essentially into the teeth of the global financial crisis. The iPhone was not a must-have. Android was not a household word. Over time StockTwits found its audience and the right technology to reach that audience. Many other business built on good ideas don’t survive. By definition StockTwits was not an overnight success. Some good ideas take time to find their space.