A couple of months ago I (excitedly) noted the release of the first trailer for The Big Short movie. The movie is set to be released December 23rd and there is a second trailer to check out.

The author of the book Michael Lewis happy with director Adam McKay’s take on the topic. At Vanity Fair Lewis writes:

He [McKay] isn’t all that concerned that you think he’s smart, but he’s obviously very concerned that you leave his movie feeling smart. That simple impulse has enabled him to make a movie so important that even the author can’t complain about it.

Luckily it seems like the critics agree with Lewis. David Edelstein at Vulture calls the movie a “nutty, whooshy comedy (the best film of the year? Possibly …).” If you want to read more about the movie Vulture has a series of Q&As with the principal actors like Steve Carrell and Christian Bale.

This holiday season it seems like there will be a movie to pair with Star Wars: The Force Awakens in a double feature.