Dedicated readers of Abnormal Returns knows I am a fan of the podcast as a form. Every Friday I have a post with links to some of my favorite podcasts from the past week. I also enjoy appearing on other bloggers’ podcasts as well. Recently two episodes in which I was featured were posted.

Jake Taylor at Five Good Questions had me on and we talked about the challenges of information overload and the need to distinguish between skill and luck in investing. You can

Jake has been hard at working talking with book authors including Meb Faber, Gary Antonacci, Tren Griffin and Michael Mauboussin.

Aaron Watson at Going Deep With Aaron Watson and I talked about a range of topics including the need for investors to give themselves a break when it comes to measuring their performance.

Aaron has had a number of great guests on his podcast including Morgan Housel and Ben Carlson. Check those episodes out as well.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Essential Listening post as well. Happy listening!