On philanthropy: my approach is to try to relieve pain rather than spread joy. – Byron Wein in Barron’s

With Memorial Day in the rear view mirror Summer is officially here. For many Summer is associated with all manner of water-related activities: swimming, surfing, boating etc. We in the United States take clean water, specifically drinking water, for granted. Which is why what occurred in Flint, Michigan was so shocking.

Last week we posted a link to a recent Bill Simmons podcast with Scott Harrison CEO of charity: water. The episode is well worth a listen. Bill Simmons pledged $5 from each The Ringer t-shirt sale to charity: water.  We recently got a new logo designed for Abnormal Returns with the intent of selling t-shirts to our loyal readers. Now I want to direct this effort into something more meaningful.

Today we are launching a limited edition Abnormal Returns t-shirt sale on Teespring. For every t-shirt sold we are going to donate $10 to charity: water. Since this site is 10 years old, we are going to call it the Abnormal Returns 10:10 campaign. If your closet is already full up with t-shirts please feel free to donate directly to our campaign at charity: water. The campaign will run for 10 days. Our goal is to provide at least $1,000 to communities around the world in need of clean drinking water.

Below is a video “Why Water” that explains the charity: water mission.

Why Water from charity: water on Vimeo.

Thanks for participating in any way, shape or form. Ten days isn’t a long time but it is enough time to make a small dent in this problem. Stay tuned to this space for updates on our progress.


Purchase an Abnormal Returns t-shirt at Teespring.

Make a donation directly to charity: water.

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To sell t-shirts and the logo-embossed items check out Teespring.*

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