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Equifax, you had one job. Your only purpose as a corporation, the reason you were created and remain a going concern, is to collect and maintain people’s most private financial data. Now you have fallen down on your only job — and spectacularly so. – Farhad Manjoo (NYTimes)

  1. The Equifax data breach is bad. (Vox)
  2. You are not Equifax’s (or Transunion’s or Experian’s) customer. (Helaine Olen)
  3. The credit union model is broken.  (The Verge)
  4. The next breach will be worse.  (FT Alphaville)
  5. Companies like Google and Facebook have even more of your personal data.  (Bloomberg)
  6. We need to re-think identification and authentication.  (Scientific American)
  7. Maybe the blockchain is the answer to the problem of identify.  (TechCrunch)
  8. Freezing your credit is a hassle, but worth it.  (WSJ)
  9. Some credit freeze FAQs.  (FTC)
  10. Other steps you can take to protect yourself.  (Jonathan Clements, Tim Maurer)

 These companies don’t think of us as customers. They think of us as products. They get lenders and others to send over our payment histories to them, aggregate it and resell the data elsewhere…Now, however, Equifax has to answer to all of us consumers and others, since they’re going to be sued and investigated to kingdom come. And Experian and TransUnion ought to be more forthcoming.- Ron Lieber (NYTimes)