We tend not to gush here at Abnormal Returns. But we love the new meditation app, Oak, from Kevin Rose (@kevinrose) . There is no shortage of meditation apps on the market but we have found Oak to be the best one, to-date.

Long-time readers of Abnormal Returns already know we have had an interest in mindfulness and meditation. Examples of some posts: here, here and here. Despite having tried any number of apps they never seemed to stick.

Kevin Rose in an introductory post at Medium writes:

Our intention with Oak is to teach our users the fundamentals needed to practice app-free traditional meditation. That is, unguided, without instruction, and on their own. When our users are ready to move on from guided meditations, they can transition to using Oak as an unguided meditation timer.

A worthy goal, indeed. If you are thinking about dipping your toe in the meditation pool or are already an adherent, check it out. Download Oak at the App Store. Infomercial out.*

*That is a joke, of course. Oak is free and we are simply fans.