Earlier this week I wrote a post about the challenges of finding a good URL for your company, project, etc. It seems also to be the case that designing a new, logo is challenging as well.

Current CEO Stuart Sopp was not happy about the resemblance. It should be noted that Current and Facebook used the same design firm. He is quoted:

“Facebook has all the money and resources in the world. If they truly wanted to make banking more inclusive and fair, they should’ve come up with their own ideas and branding, like we have.”

Maybe worse than creating a logo that is quite similar to someone else’s log is creating a log that is “completely generic.” Business Insider caught up with Debbie Millman host of the Design Matters podcast who said of the Libra logo:

“I’m scratching my head and thinking, ‘Here’s an opportunity, you’re supposedly creating a new kind of currency — shouldn’t you be creating a new kind of symbol that created intrigue and captured the imagination of the culture?'” she said. “It didn’t do that.”

Whoever is to blame for the resemblance, we should not be all that shocked. The world is getting smaller and there are only so many ways to manipulate letters, shapes, images and colors. So don’t be surprised if this is not the last example of confused corporate identities.

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