When I need a synonym or antonym I go to thesaurus.com. Most of the time it gets the job done. Is this the best option? Honestly, I don’t know. I have given it zero thought.

In this weekend’s edition of the Recomendo newsletter I saw the following:

Q&A site for all your English questions

When I can’t find the right word or phrasing using Power Thesaurus or Ludwig, I’m on the English StackExchange searching for answers or posting questions. You can ask anything relating to grammar or usage or word choice and English experts will start responding right away. You can also check the “reputation” of any user who responds to confirm they know what they’re talking about. — CD

So, three sites I had never visited let alone heard of. After having visited each site, they all have something different to offer to someone searching for a better word or phrase.

Will I start using these other sites? Maybe. But it will require overcoming the default effect. Changing my go-to thesaurus will require cognitive effort and switching costs.

Check back in a while to see if I overcame indolence to become a superior writer.

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