“I have something to admit – I enjoy receiving a paycheck twice every month. Some people are willing to give up the sure thing to pursue a passion project, launch their own business, or take a year off to travel the world. While I’m envious of those with such conviction, I just can’t pull the trigger.”

Kevin (@ferventfinance) blogs at Fervent Finance and is the co-host of the Reversion to the Mean podcast with Justin Castelli. Tadas got Kevin on the phone Skype to talk about a recent post of his entitled “It’s Okay to Like Your Paycheck.” While the media is focused on Instagram influencers, FIRE advocates and startup CEOs there is a whole world of people out there doing the do. Kevin talks about how a “regular job” has a host of benefits that go beyond a regular paycheck.

This is another episode in our series of “mini-pods” on The Compound Show.

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