In light of all the WeWork talk over the last few weeks, I thought this quote from Simon Sinek’s new book The Infinite Game was timely:

It’s worth noting that so many of the goals that companies put forward tend to be arbitrary or overly ambitious. Especially in the start-up world, the drive for billion-dollar valuations is not an indicator of a healthy company that is built to last. It is a standard that has evolved thanks to the venture capital industry (because valuations are how they make their money). A strong culture and the ability to fund its own existence (also know as profitability) is how a company actually stays in the game.

Staying in the game is important for investors as well. Ten years ago, back in 2009 I wrote this:

So no matter how well you plan, the future isn’t guaranteed to any one. The capital markets are going to do what they are going to do whether you participate or not. All an investor can hope to do is try maintain a flexible approach and stay in the game. Only those investors who stay in the game will be able to capture some gains along the way. Nobody said investing is easy. Nothing worth doing ever is.

Staying in the game. Sounds like a good plan. Then again, what’s the alternative?