I recently came across a handful of posts (and quotes) that struck me. I think they have a common thread, but I will leave that to you to consider. Without an further chatter:

“I make me, not you. I move flawlessly between your created class and societal infrastructure. I define who I am. Not what I wear, where I went to school, where I come from, or what I do. I define me by what I say I am. It’s not for you to believe or to accept, but to be 100%, authentically and unapologetically me. Stand in who you are. At all times.” – Tyrone Ross Jr.

“Shame prevents people—really smart and capable people—from bringing their challenges forward to the solutions altar…There’s nothing wrong with something being wrong.

You can fix what’s financially broken, but you have to disconnect your net worth from your self-worth. I agree, that’s a horribly trite turn of phrase, but it’s inarguably true. You are not your financial decisions. You are not your financial standing.” – Peter Dunn

“You can rage pointlessly at the lot you’ve drawn and the hardships you’re confronting or you can take note of, and pride in, the way you’re taking them in stride and moving forward, forward, forward.” – Frank Bruni

Moving forward…