I started collecting these quotes a few weeks ago and I figure now is as good a time as any to put them out there. So in honor of the turning the page on a new year, here are some choice cuts on the general theme of not wasting time, because nobody gets to choose how much they have in this life. Enjoy!

“There’s no shame in quitting. Quitting gives you space. When you say “no” to one thing, you open yourself up to new opportunities where you can say “yes.” It’s OK to move on.” – Justin Jackson

“Life is short. It is just slipping all the time. And if we use our limited time here trying to make deals with it, it will be over before we know what’s happening.” – Vishal Khandelwal

“Stop pretending to family and friends that everything is great. Tell someone about a weakness you struggle with or a problem in your life.” – Jonathan Clements

“If you’re being chased by a tiger, or a dragon, or whatever symbolic metaphor your fear manifests itself as, know that you’re not alone and that it’s a state of being, not a destiny.” – Hunter Walk

“Invest energy in causes greater than oneself and find joy in the process of doing things, rather than striving for glorious ends.” – Kieran Setiya

“If it’s low cost to self-express without making those who are less fortunate feel badly, it’s worth doing, in my view. ” – Ben Casnocha

“Writing is the most scalable professional networking activity – stay home, don’t go to events/conferences, and just put ideas down.” – Dave Perell

“Most of the time, people want to be seen, understood and appreciated. And if we can offer someone dignity, we give them a gift that’s difficult to find.” – Seth Godin

Hope you found one of these of interest and Happy New Year!