Markets are in flux this morning, to say the least. In the past 24 hours my colleagues at Ritholtz Wealth Management have already written a week’s worth of posts about what is going on and more importantly how to think about it. Here is a taste:

I’m Here To Remind You – Josh Brown
Most importantly, remember your ABC’s: Always Be Cool. You only have control of one thing – your own actions. The other stuff will work itself out, regardless of what you think or say or do. So be cool.”

Don’t Panic – Barry Ritholtz
It always comes down to this: Have a plan, make sure it is one you can live with, and execute it faithfully. Trying to make decisions on the fly in an emotional environment of unknown outcomes is an expensive exercise in folly.”

Why I’m More Worried About the Bond Market Than the Stock Market – Ben Carlson

“My biggest worry at this moment is forward long-term returns for bonds are now guaranteed to be basically nil. Even a whiff of inflation all but means negative real returns on bonds for the foreseeable future.”

A Few Things I’m Thinking About – Michael Batnick
“We (re)learned a few things about risk assets over the past few weeks. One of the most important takeaways from the recent correction is that treasury bonds are the best place to hide during a dislocation in the stock market.”

How Does an Enlightened Investor Handle a Stock Market Crash? – Tony Isola
“Complex problems are often solved by the simplest solutions. Start by paying attention. Drifting off course isn’t the problem. Not noticing when it’s happening is. Always remember – we’re all a work in progress, not an unchangeable entity.”

I will have more later today in the regularly scheduled linkfest.