Less than one year ago the world was concerned about a pilot shortage. This from CNBC:

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg believes a growing shortage of pilots represents “one of the biggest challenges” facing the airline industry.

His comments come at a time when more people are flying to more places, but the number of pilots being trained are unable to keep up with demand.

Demand for air travel is growing so rapidly that 800,000 new pilots are expected to be needed over the next 20 years, according to Boeing’s latest forecast.

Now apparently we have too many pilots. From Reuters:

Delta Air Lines, with more than 14,000 pilots on its roster, expects to have 7,000 more than it needs in the fall as the coronavirus pandemic weighs on its operations, according to a memo to flight operations employees seen by Reuters.

Delta is likely not the only airline in this situation. This just another example of how quickly the world can change and how a lifetime of experience and training can become less valuable in the blink of an eye.