[STOP READING HERE! Entries to the giveaway are now closed. Thanks for reading.]

One of the big shifts over the time I have been writing this blog is the increasing amount of content that sits behind paywalls. Unfortunately there is little I can do about that, besides looking for content that sits outside of strict paywalls.

I recently wrote a post on the topic including my hope that subscriber-supported sites like The Athletic would thrive. The timing could not have been worse as the pandemic took hold and The Athletic was forced to lay off staff.

One of the latest publications that I have subscribed to is The Atlantic. Their coverage of the coronavirus and the pandemic have been excellent. Ed Yong has been a standout for sure. Unfortunately they are not immune to the pressures on all news organizations and have engaged in staff cutbacks recently.

It’s been awhile since I did a reader giveaway. So as way of thanks to our loyal readers, I am giving away an annual digital subscription The Atlantic.* Send us an e-mail at newsletter–at–abnormalreturns.com with “Atlantic Giveaway” in the Subject line by 5pm Eastern, June 10th. We will select the winner by random draw. The winner will receive an e-mail from The Atlantic on how to activate the subscription.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe out there.

*Not a freebie. Paid for by Abnormal Returns.