I have decided to stop publishing a weekly edition of links focused on startup and venture capital. In the time since I began focusing on this space, the startup ethos has gone mainstream. In a sense, it’s hard to write about business today WITHOUT talking about startups.

Abnormal Returns readers tend to agree, because this is, by far and away, the least read of the weekly linkfests. I will continue to link to interesting pieces from startupland in the regular linkfests and elsewhere. Stopping will hopefully free up some time for some other projects.

If you are interested in staying in the flow on the startup space. You can’t go wrong with Dan Primack’s Pro Rata daily newsletter. Another good source is Primack’s former stomping grounds Fortune’s Term Sheet. If you have any other reading suggestions I would be happy to add them below.

Thanks for reading. We will be back with a fresh set of links momentarily.