Tomorrow (Friday) I will be sending out a fresh edition of my new weekly e-mail newsletter for advisers. For awhile, it was an internal e-mail for Ritholtz Wealth Management advisers. However, Josh Brown thought it should see a wider audience. At the Reformed Broker blog he wrote:

Anyway, if you’re a financial advisor and you want to get smarter and stay informed, subscribe and get his top 5 links every Friday. It’s an excellent way to catch up on the best stuff you may have missed each week.

I was also heartened that Michael Kitces (@michaelkitces) thought it was worth signing up for as well:

The format is simple. Five links, an explanation on why its interesting/important and maybe a funny GIF (or two) – that’s it. The e-mail is designed to provide advisers interesting content to mull over the weekend. The goal is to help you think more broadly about your role as an adviser. It’s less about the CARES Act and more about finding ways to better care for your clients and for yourself.

You can sign up here for for free. You will receive an e-mail to confirm your e-mail. I hope you find something of interest in it every week. Be safe out there.