As many of you already may know, Jon Boorman passed away this week. There were a number of really great tributes written about him. You should read them all including those by:

Jon wrote a great piece back in 2017, which I linked to at the time, entitled “Some Things I Learned Over the Past 30 Years.” It is well worth your time. All of them are worth a read, but this item feels particularly timely:

“All cruelty springs from weakness.”

Social media is a tough arena. I slip up sometimes and get sucked into some troll’s orbit, and on the occasions it’s happened, even when I’ve sent someone packing with their tail between their legs, the short-term satisfaction soon gives way to wishing I hadn’t responded.

When I’m driving and I’m getting frustrated with someone in front of me I imagine I know the person. It’s amazing how it changes how you react. In a similar vein, on twitter now I try to talk to people as you would if having a conversation face to face. Be nice. We all have off days. You never know what’s going on in people’s lives. Everyone’s going through something.

Jon, thanks for including us in your journey, RIP.