Content is coming at us in so many different ways these days. Recently I have been writing about the rapid rise of e-mail newsletters. One of the coolest trends is providing audio versions of posts and articles.

On most of the mainstream media sites they are using automated services to generate the audio, which while getting better, still sounds a little robotic. My colleagues and I decided to stay old school.

On our new audio feed, The Goldmine, you can hear some of your favorite financial writers read a recent post. The best thing is that most of these are less than five minutes long – shorter if you speed up your audio. For now, we are avoiding chart-heavy, data-driven posts because they just don’t translate as well. But that still leaves a lot of ground to cover.

For example, you can hear Ben Carlson talk about the importance following your financial own path in It’s Okay to Get Wealthy Slowly.

Or you can hear me talk about the risk to collectibles investing in When An Asset Goes Out of Style.

We are all excited to provide you with new ways to consume our content. You can subscribe to the feed on your favorite services like Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts. Or simply search for ‘The Goldmine.’