It’s been a rough 18 months, let alone couple of decades, for many of us. It should remind us that the future is promised to no one. So a long holiday weekend is a good time for some reflection.  Below find some recent posts that will hopefully provide you with some much-needed perspective. Enjoy.

Build the Addition – Justin Castelli
“What good is it to sacrifice memories and happiness today for an arbitrary day in the future that isn’t guaranteed? My client taught me to make sure I encourage my clients to take that trip or create that once-in-a-lifetime experience. Be responsible but live life.”

Blink – Michael Batnick
“I’m successful because I don’t yearn for more. I have my wife and my boys and my freedom. I’m good. I have a unique appreciation of what I have because I already lost everything when my mother died. Now I have everything I need and everything I want.

Life is Too Short to Save Everything – Ben Carlson
“I’m a huge advocate for saving money and taking a long-term view when it comes to your finances. But the past year is a stark reminder that the long-term doesn’t always work out like we expect. Some people will spend decades of their lives saving and planning for retirement, only to pass away before ever truly enjoying the fruits of their labor.”

The Best Investment of All: The People You Love the Most – Ron Lieber
“Many people have changed during the pandemic. Maybe your partner has in ways you haven’t even recognized. So offering time — and a budget — toward whomever that person wants to become is its own act of service.”

Get an Attitude – Jonathan Clements
“We also believe we can forecast what will make us happy, and yet many of our choices leave us dissatisfied and hankering for something else. Want to make smarter spending and investment choices? We shouldn’t be so confident we know what the future will bring or what we truly want—and, as a result, we should be leery of making bold decisions.”