Apropos of nothing, two of my favorite online writers recently touched on nostalgia.

“That’s part of getting older too, finding fewer people who care about those specific things that you care about, and feeling a little lonelier because of it. It’s no wonder we hang onto them longer than we should. They are remnants of a time when we mattered more to the world than we currently do—and will continue not to moving forward.” – Will Leitch


“This is why nostalgia is often accompanied by a shade of sadness. It’s the subtle reminder that you were once capable of being free of time, and that you were immersed in the fullness of attention. It’s our small way of longing for something like that again, and to somehow import that sentiment into the present moment.” – Lawrence Yeo

You are likely nostalgic for a time long since past.* Others will soon be nostalgic for the time we are in right now. So it goes.

*However, no one should be nostalgic for the Medieval age. Sheesh.