Figuring out new stuff takes time and energy. That is why younger generations are at the cutting edge of technological and social change.

For the longest time I resisted audiobooks. It seemed like one more thing to master. I was still in the ‘books on tape’ mindset which was clunky, at best. Jonathan Clements at HumbleDollar writes:

Every new generation reinvents the world, leaving those of us from earlier generations struggling to make sense of what’s happening. Part of it is physical…But my reluctance to embrace change also, I think, reflects an unwillingness to commit brain power to something that seems unlikely to improve my life.

Audiobooks have improved my life. They may very well improve yours. Here are some first person takes on audio books.*

  • Use a (free) public library-supported app like Libby or Hoopla.
  • Build a list of holds so your next audiobook is always within reach.
  • It’s okay, in fact encouraged, to listen at more than 1x speed.
  • Focus on author-read audiobooks, especially if the author is an actor or performer.
  • As with all books, if you don’t like a book you don’t have to finish it. Just return it and check out the next one.

Podcasts are great, but they are not a substitute for a well-written, and narrated book. Good listening, everyone!

*Assume these apply only to non-fiction audiobooks.