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Roger Ibbotson in MSN Money, who recently sold his firm to Morningstar (MORN), is troubled by the effect of the twin deficits on the U.S. dollar and bond market, but is surprisingly sanguine about the prospects for the equity market.

Speaking of current financial conditions, The Stalwart has found a kindred spirit who is skeptical of the oft-quoted statistics that show a negative savings rate for U.S. consumers.

Bill Gross at PIMCO has his January Investment Outlook up, and he is looking for a peak in long term interest rates.

Roben Farzad and Justin Hibbard at BusinessWeek note that not everyone is hurt by an inverted yield curve.

We know you were holding your breath in anticipation, Russell Kinnel at Morningstar.com has announces the Morningstar Fund Managers of the Year.

Going into the new year, Haywood Kelly at Morningstar.com estimates that the median stock is 5% overvalued, but notes there are ample opportunities in individual stocks and sectors.

Mark Hulbert at Marketwatch.com dissects the notion that the first five days of January for the equity market have an inordinate impact on the rest of the year.

Angela Pruitt at the Wall Street Journal notes the trend of activist investors taking on closed-end fund management.

Roger Nusbaum at TheStreet.com has a series of ETFs that allow an investor to hedge against a dollar dive in 2006.

Ticker Sense has a cool map that puts 2005 global equity returns into some sort of perspective.

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