The hits just keep on coming….A few links of note.

Emma Trincal at interviews an attorney on the ins and outs of hedge fund registration.

Roger Nusbaum in on the growing palette of commodity ETFs available for individual investors.

Christine Benz at notes the many hidden costs that investors face in a mutual fund investment.

Timothy Middleton at MSN Money covers some of the same ground in noting that more investment choices are making for a more flexible investment environment.

Matt Stichnoch at writes a scathing review of Barton Biggs’ new book, Hedgehogging.

Lauren Rae Silva at on the high cost that Morgan Stanley (MS) would have to pay to get a hold of BlackRock (BLK).

Chet Currier at thinks investors would be well served by rebalancing away from small cap stocks both domestic and international.

Jonathan Shazar at on two strategies aiming to knock off capitalization weighting as the dominant indexing methodology.

CXO Advisory points to a new study that takes to task the theoretical and empirical underpinnings of the widely used “Fed Model.”

welling@weeden provides James Montier with a forum to take a jab at the legions of Google (GOOG) fans.

Also from welling@weeden an informal debate between Marc Faber and Louis-Vincent Gave.

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