The move towards electronic trading is a long-standing theme, but the last few pockets of resistance are throwing in the towel.

Jennifer Hughes at the reports that the New York Board of Trade is planning to list its contracts electronically on the Chicago Board of Trades’ electronic platform.

Jesse Eisinger in the Wall Street Journal proposes a last ditch program to save GM from itself. The question is whether GM’s workers are willing to own the stock in the amounts contemplated.

Mark Hulbert in notes that the history of the January Barometer is far more ambiguous than its proponents claim.

According to a report in LBO Wire private equity firms are becoming increasingly leery of so-called “club deals.”

Richard Beales in the reports that distressed debt investors are hunkering down in anticipation of better opportunities in the future.

Joe Mysak at views Indiana’s decision to lease one of its toll roads to outside investors as the beginning of a wave of privatizations.

Gregg Greenberg at interviews one of the managers of the Merger Fund (MERFX) that is reopening to investors.

The Capital Spectator is wary of the run in commodities, but sees some contrarian value in holding commodities as the part of a diversified portfolio.

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