According to macroblog the probabilities of a 5.0% fed funds rate have increased to a coin flip.

CXO Advisory points out a paper that makes explicit the relationship between economic forecasts and the equity risk premium.

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture notes the rise in short term rates could pose a competitive problem for the stock market.

CXO Advisory points to a paper that reviews the state of academic research on the size premium.

Mark Hulbert at notes a bounceback for the performance of the Value Line rating system in 2005.

Emma Trincal at speaks with Joshua Rosenberg at Hedge Fund Research about the state of the hedge fund industry.

Nothing like an academic endowment spat. Under the Counter notes a piece where David Swensen at Yale believes the compensation structure at Harvard is “inherently unstable.”

Mark Thoma and Andrew A. Samwick discuss the changing nature of the social safety net in a new Econoblog over at

The same Mark Thoma at Economist’s View considers the state of thinking on the housing bubble.

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