Another grab bag (we mean carefully edited) list of interesting links for your review.

Emma Trincal at discusses the ups and downs of hedge fund investing with investor and author, Barton Biggs.

Ticker Sense notes the fact that indices tracking commodities and energy stocks are both seemingly oversold.

Mark Hulbert in shows that sentiment is not indicative of the start of a sustained bull market.

Matthew Hougan at gives some props to Powershares on the performance of their oldest ETF product.

The Stalwart highlights an interesting, and sometimes esoteric, debate on the nature of intangible assets and their effect on our conception of global trade.

John Hussman at Hussman Funds does not have much faith in technical analysis, but does see some value in playing closer attention when significant divergences in the markets arise.

CXO Advisory collects some tools that investors can use to seek out “new memes” relating to the stock market on the Internet.

Edward B. Colby at CJR Daily deconstructs Barron’s article over the weekend on Google (GOOG). Let’s just say he does find much to recommend in their approach to financial journalism.

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