The world of investment related blogs is an extraordinarily dynamic one. Independent bloggers are now being joined by the mainstream media. As noted earlier DealBook by the New York Times is now a blog. Now the Wall Street Journal has also jumped into the fray.

Barry Ritholtz has an item on the launch of these blogs. In addition he provides some good (free!) advice to them on how to make their blogs relevant and successful.

If I were in charge of the Dow Jones blog project, I would set (at least) 3 goals: Attract more paying online subscribers, sell more adverts, and generate reader loyalty (despite their regular escape to other sites). That’s a modest set of targets, achievable over time — and measurable, also.

In addition to these mainstream media blogs a couple of new blogs have come to our attention over the past week.

The Confused Capitalist is a new blog focused on general market topics with a value investing slant. In addition they have launched the Blog “Index” Investing Challenge that includes yours truly.

With private equity having an important effect on all aspects of the capital markets it is good to have an “inside” look at the private equity industry. Equity Private is a new blog written by a private equity professional that aims to shed some light on the industry.

In the past we have been privileged to have other bloggers point readers in our direction. Now we have the chance to do the same. If either of these descriptions sound at all enticing, please click on over and take a look.