Given the performance of NYSE Group (NYX) today, it is safe to say that New York prefers it to the lowly New York Knicks.

No wonder people are so excited about the debut of NYSE Group (NYX). DealBook notes the extraordinary performance of the exchanges that have gone public. Monica Rivituso at wonders “..are the shares of the new NYSE Group worthy of investor attention?”

Emma Trincal at reports on the performance of Dana Corp. bonds post bankruptcy filing.

Also on the subject of iffy auto-related bonds, reports that noted investor Marty Whitman has made a significant investment into General Motors (GM) debt.

Jesse Eisinger at the Wall Street Journal reports on the surprisingly rocky road independent research providers have faced since 2003.

While not exactly priceless, apparently the going rate for nineteen years as Fed Chairman is worth an $8.5 million book advance.

William Pesek Jr. at is worried about Japan’s long term competitiveness.

Naked Shorts wonders what constitutes “low volatility” when it comes to retail hedge funds.

Denis Campbell in the Guardian has some simple ways to make yourself “smarter.”

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