Happy March Madness! Before you duck out to watch some hoops we have a few links of note.

John M. Berry at Bloomberg.com thinks the Fed will pause their hikes when the Fed funds rate reaches 5.00%.

Economist’s View reviews some additional comments from Fed officials that might give some clue to the Fed’s future actions.

Speaking of volatility, Econbrowser notes the increased odds of a financial “accident” given the rise in real short term rates.

Mark Hulbert at Marketwatch.com reviews the evidence behind the muted volatility in the equity market.

The Capital Spectator notes the seemingly good news on the inflation front seems to play into the optimist’s hands with risky assets still being favored by the market.

AllThingsFinancial has an interview with one of the better personal finance writers, Scott Burns of the Dallas Morning News.

Jim Jubak at MSN Money explores some stock ideas to take advantage of better reinsurance pricing.

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