Another day, another sixteen college basketball games. Given that, we have an abbreviated version today.

CXO Advisory produces some outstanding investment related content. We noticed a couple of pieces this week that summarize and synthesize some of the academic research that they have been following. The first piece covers the issues, mostly negative, surrounding mutual fund investing. The second piece covers the intricacies surrounding momentum trading. The topics covered might be a bit dense for some readers, but for those with an academic bent they are well worth checking out.

Barry Ritholtz notes the block money flow has dropped off during this last leg up which indicates the “U.S. equity market is on shaky ground.”

Justin Lahart in the Wall Street Journal wonders whether the universal distate for long term U.S. treasury bonds is a worthy contrary indicator.

Daily Dose of Optimism wonders “why aren’t more major-league investors blogging?”

Economist has an amusing take on the growing number of razor blades per shaver and the fact that we are going to get more in the future whether we like it or not.

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