We hope you have been enjoying our increased rate of posting the last few days. For those still not satisfied here are some more links of note.

Michael Kahn at Barrons.com sees ample evidence that the U.S. equity market is tracing out an intermediate term top.

Scott Patterson at the Wall Street Journal notes some frightening evidence that the emerging markets are overheating. Apparently every institutional investor is in a desperate hunt for emerging market hedge funds.

Speaking of hedge funds, a big name hedge fund manager notes, “Right now, it’s hard to find things that are demonstrably cheap.”

In our opinion it is difficult to find interesting and challenging investment books. Stephen Schurr at the FT.com highlights a new book by Aaron Brown of Morgan Stanley entitled, “The Poker Face of Wall Street.” While poker may be played out in the mass media, this could be a good read.

The prolific folks at CXO Advisory have another one of their synthesis posts up. This one explores recent research on the efficacy of value investing.

Barry Ritholtz weighs in the “dark matter debate” and wonders why any one would think that the U.S. has any sort of monoply on “dark matter.”

The Stalwart finds plenty to like in the Ritholtz piece.

John Quiggin at Crooked Timber wonders whether the “Oil Peak” crowd has framed the debate incorrectly. Perhaps we should be looking at all carbon-based fuels versus the alternatives.

The Economist has a profile of noted venture capitalist Vinod Khosa who is focusing his investments in alternative energy, including “cellulosic ethanol.”

For those of you wondering whether any one has picked all the games in their bracket correctly, Carl Bialik in the Wall Street Journal does the math. In short, not likely.

How would of thought it, but one of the most popular courses on the hallowed grounds of Harvard University is one on “postive psychology.” Tovia Smith at NPR.org has a list of “Six Tips for Happiness” from the course instructor.

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