Not much came to our attention so this edition will be abbreviated.

We never understood the mania to force portfolio managers to fit squarely with well-defined style boxes. Diya Gullapalli in the Wall Street Journal reports that strong performance at “go-anywhere” funds is reigniting interest in these all-cap funds.

With the long-awaited silver ETF getting closer to fruition the debate about the actual effect it will have on the price of the metal is continuing to rage on according to a piece by Myra P. Saefong at

In light of our discussion about option backdating we found a post on the elite fraternity of NYSE companies that do not issue stock options to management and directors very interesting. If you are interested click on over to see the (very) short list.

Mark Hulbert at notes bond market newsletter sentiment is decidely bearish. Contrarians take note.

Barry Ritholtz takes an in-depth look at the New York Times’ efforts to join the ranks of the blogging world. As with the Wall Street Journal’s efforts there are both positives and negatives.

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