This week has brought a number of interesting items to our attention. For your consideration:

Roger Nusbaum in notes the difficulty in trying to build an "all-ETF" portfolio.

Timothy Middleton at MSN Money reviews his all-ETF and raises some cash in light of a more volatile 2006.

Barry Ritholtz cites some research that forecasts higher equity volatility the rest of the year. One can check out this item to get a feel for his opinion on which direction that volatility will take us.

macroblog updates their Fed fund rate probability calculations and 5.00% still looks pretty likely.

CXO Advisory has yet another post in their "summary and synthesis" series and investment newsletter writers will be none that happy with the results.

Jim Jubak at MSN Money lays out the case for a little insurance company you might have heard of, Berkshire Hathaway (BRKa).

Emma Trincal at notes a report that "The hedge fund industry is getting more and more concentrated and less and less egalitarian."

Paul Gough at the Hollywood Reporter highlights the "ratings success" that Jim Cramer's Mad Money has been for CNBC.

Jeff Matthews notes growing "infrastructure funds" are making asset sales for revenue-hungry states very attractive.

Daniel Gross at asks a very good question, "Why don't banks fail anymore?"

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