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One of our favorite business writers, James Surowiecki has a new piece up at the New Yorker that is a contrarian take on the newspaper business. In short they are not dead yet, "Newspapers, thanks to the efficiency with which they’ve managed themselves in recent years, still have the time and money to save themselves."

What do you call a hedge fund that invests in motion pictures? Cinefunds?….In any event, DealBook notes the growing trend.

John M. Berry at thinks the Fed will pause after another rate hike to 5.00%.

Controlled Greed finds some support from a James Grant piece on the attraction of the Japanese stock market.

Mark Hulbert at reminds investors that the case for equities requires a long term time frame.

The long-awaited DealBreaker blog is live. Including posts from Joe Weisenthal of The Stalwart and an intro by Elizabeth Spiers. (Not to be confused with the New York Times blog, DealBook)

Peter Boettke and Alexander Tabarrok at report on how George Mason University took a "Moneyball" type approach to building their faculty roster.

For fans of innovative graphics these maps are worth a look. (via Marginal Revolution)

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