Items concerning a cross-Atlantic stock exchange merger are coming fast and furious.

Heather Timmons and Jenny Anderson in the New York Times report on the implications of the Nasdaq Stock Market (NDAQ) pulling their hostile bid for the London Stock Exchange (LSE). In short it seems like the situation is entirely fluid at the moment with no deal as likely as a deal.

On the other hand David Weidner at finds some analysts who still think the LSE is still very much "in play."

Lauren Rae Silva at notes the many hurdles facing any potential acquiror of the LSE. These include a balkly shareholder base a high price, and the ongoing challenges of domestic consolidation.

We posted previously on why the NYX Group (NYX) is a logical partner for the LSE. In addition as long as the valuation disparity across the Atlantic is high the possibility of a merger remains. We still believe the logic of a deal remain, but the situation is decidedly fluid with any outcome a possibility.