With the week winding down we have a few items to check out before heading home.

Maybe this capitalism thing works after all. After a report of an impending ethanol shortage, today we get the news from DealBook that two ethanol companies filed initial public offerings with the SEC. For more on the alternative energy meme click here.

Chet Currier at Bloomberg.com reviews the seasonality of the second and third quarter of the second year in a presidential cycle and does not find much to like.

James Picerno at The Capital Spectator reports that taking on risk in 2006 has been a profitable endeavor.

Jenny Anderson at the New York Times explains, in plain language, what the new regulations mean for the hedge fund industry.

CXO Advisory has another piece in their "summary and synthesis" series. This time they take look at the (in)ability of "experts" to predict the movements in stocks and the broad stock market.

Christine Benz at Morningstar.com reviews "survivorship bias" and its effect on mutual fund analysis.

InstitutionalInvestor.com is making available a paper from the Journal of Portfolio Management on the design of hedge funds.

Om Malik posts some compelling reasons why the Facebook.com folks should re-think the $750 million offer they received for their company.

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