This weekend brought forth a number of items worth noting.

Starting off with Barron's, it is worth checking out the "One Page Barron's Summary" from Seeking Alpha for an overview of the week's issue. We would point you to the following.

Sandra Ward has an interview with the increasingly cautious Steve Leuthold.

Lawrence C. Strauss points out that investors need to realize that many of the single country ETFs are particularly concentrated and therefore riskier than some investors might realize.

Erin E. Ardvedlund speaks with ETF expert Gary Gastineau who points out that some indices are more efficient than others.

The new FundAlarm highlights and commentary piece is up.

Pan Kwan and John Authers at the examine the trend towards commodity ETFs and the risks some unwary investors might be taking with them. examines the controversy surrounding the registration and launch of the silver ETF.

Caren Chesler at notes the poor prospects for sell-side research. (via Paul Kedrosky)

Paul J. Lim in the New York Times asks the question, how much international equity is too much in a diversified portfolio?

Kit R. Roane in US News and World Report notes the push for hedge funds to make loans on just about anything.

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