Fewer items than normal today. We hope you enjoy them all that much more.

Doug Kass at TheStreet.com thinks the Fed has fallen behiind the inflation curve.

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator also views the stop-start approach at the Fed as troublesome.

While Kass remains bearish, the poster child for economic pessimisim has changed sides. According to a report at CNNMoney.com Stephen Roach, Morgan Stanley economist, has become more bullish about the world economy.

Bill Sjostrom at Truth on the Market highlights a piece of academic research that shows that stock spam apparently (and depressingly) works as a 'pump and dump' scheme.

John M. Berry at Bloomberg.com and James Picerno take politicians to task for their rhetoric on gasoline prices.

Christopher J. Chipello at the Wall Street Journal reports that Goldman Sachs (GS) is making a bet on "cellulosic ethanol."

John Partridge at the Globe and Mail spoke with noted investor Jim Rogers and found him more bullish on the agricultural commodities in contrast to the metals.

Phil Davis at the FT.com reports on the phenomenon of hedge fund managers ratcheting down their risk levels after having raised ample funds and the fees that follow.

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