We always find it interesting to hear from fund managers who they admire in the money management business. While readers should take said advice with a grain of salt, there is the potential to learn a thing or two about some funds with which you were not acquainted. Andrew Feinberg at Kiplinger’s lists a handful of funds, mostly value-oriented, that are his favorites. Worth a look.

Speaking of favorites. One of our favorite reads around the beginning of the month is the highlights and commentary page over at Fundalarm.com. Even if you are not a mutual fund person, it is well worth a look. We should also note a new feature at Fundalarm, “The Annex.” There they discuss some of the new funds reaching the market. Interesting in that often a fund will have its best performance in its infancy before inflows have restricted a manager’s ability to take full advantage of whatever insights they have.

If you thought there were too many “me-too” mutual funds, one need only look at the ETF world for a big dose of fund overlap. Greg Newton at NakedShorts takes a look at a new batch of sector funds are already late to market.