We used to have a keen interest in the doings of John Malone and his media conglomerate, Liberty Media. We think only the most patient of value investors remain believers in the complicated story. Tieran Ray at Barrons.com examines the implications of the most recent Liberty spin-off. DealBook adds some additional color.

Jenny Anderson at the New York Times explores the implication of a research piece that shows "emerging" hedge fund managers outperform the indices. This complicates the due diligence process for investors seeking out good funds in that they have little to go on when researching funds with little or no track record.

Controlled Greed notes some bullish commentary by Mark Mobius on the positive liquidity flows into the emerging markets.

Jay Walker at the Confused Capitalist thinks the emerging markets remain attractive in light of the deteriorating situation in the U.S. market.

Joseph Lisanti at BusinessWeek.com examines the many differences in the ever growing world of dividend ETFs.

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator has an interview with "a gold bug's gold bug."

IndexUniverse.com reports on the growing volume in VIX (call) options.

DealBook notes a piece on the surprising lack of technology IPOs given the rebound in interest in all things Web 2.0.

Brett Steenbarger has ten thought provoking questions for an introspective Friday afternoon.

Mark Gilbert at Bloomberg.com has an off-beat take on how the personality of investment banks remind him of certain bands.

Paul Kedrosky reads a "truly awful" article on management theory so you don't have to.
Michelle Leder at footnoted.org understands why CEOs prefer private jets.

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