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We have previously noted the high probability of a trans-Atlantic exchange combination due in part to regulatory arbitrage. A team of writers at BusinessWeek chronicle the shift of new listings to foreign exchanges due in part to regulatory burdens, but also the general globalization of trading has made a U.S. listing less vital part of the listing process.

The always compelling breakingviews via the Wall Street Journal takes Mario Gabelli to task for the contrasting ways he manages his own firm versus what he demands of his own investments.

Conrad De Aenlle in the New York Times looks at the commodity boom and asks: bubble or not a bubble?

Jonathan Shazar at Institutional Investor looks at the effects of the commodity boom on the growth in commodity ETFs.

A brief interview with a noted academic over at the Energy Stock Blog on the role alternative energy (and ethanol) can play in meeting our energy needs.

Paul J. Lim at the New York Times examines the role of rebalancing for anyone who has international investments that have grown relative to their initial allocation.

Richard Wiggins in Barron's notes the sector bets investors focused on dividends might be taking.

Jonathan Burton in the Wall Street Journal has an interesting (short) piece on how individual investors can emulate the due diligence process institutions use in picking a money manager.

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