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Brett Steenbarger at TraderFeed highlights some oversold readings and points out the "most common trading problem."

Mark Hulbert at reports on some gloomy sentiment readings from market timers.

Henny Sender in the Wall Street Journal notes the hit one successful investor has taken fighting the commodity boom.

A prominent analyst sees a 50% speculative premium on traded commodities. (via Globe & Mail)

Gary Rivlin in the New York Times thinks the VC bubble talk is overblown.

DealBook notes some comments by Dr. Doom on the morphing of investment banks into hedge funds.

Gregory Zuckerman in the Wall Street Journal explores how investors (big & small) use the position reports of prominent hedge funds.

The end of the NYSE-Euronext saga may be in sight. (via DealBook)

CXO Advisory Group looks at some research that identifies how investors should deal with the problems caused by frequent performance measurement.

macroblog points to a couple of items that contend that yield curve inversions were more informative in the past.

In light of the critical beating the Da Vinci Code is taking in the press, this review seems downright balanced.

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